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Whole Wheat Blueberry Oat Muffins.

After the holidays I lost my desire to bake. This was most likely the result of all the sugar-laden sweets and chocolate I ate that left me in a near diabetic state. Sorry body. So in order to treat my body a little bit better, I decided to bake something healthier. I looked in the fridge and lo-and-behold I had a pint of blueberries. I have always loved a good blueberry muffin so making muffins was an easy decision. After much time searching for a recipe that I deemed “healthy’, I came across this one. I followed the recipe almost exactly as shown, with the exception of cutting back on the brown sugar which I reduced by 1/4 cup. As I was mixing my wet and dry ingredients together, I noticed that my batter was a little more runny than as seen in the pictures, but in the end my muffins still turned out great. Only thing is, I wish I had kept the oats whole instead of processing them as I personally like the oat-y texture.

IMG_2150These are my muffins. They didn’t turn out exactly how Bri’s turned out, but they were still quite tasty. They were Not overly sweet. They didn’t put me into a diabetic coma nor did I feel gross or guilty after eating them. The tang and juiciness from the blueberries were a perfect balance to the mild sweetness. The crumb was perfectly aerated and the muffins were moist, no sign of toughness at all which is often a problem when using whole wheat flour. I would definitely make these again and throw them in my freezer for an easy breakfast.


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